To root your phone, download all drivers, in DRIVERS section(you also need drivers for other things).

(for 2.3.6 android only, custom android 4.0  and 2.3.6  are automaticaly rooted)

Your phone’s battery must be 50% and higher.

1. Download and run this.

2. Connect your phone to pc via usb.

3. Enable usb debugging.(settings-applications-development-select usb debugging).

4. Press enter in aplication.

5. Wait until your phone reboots(maybe it will have blue screen, but don’t worry.

6. You are done. If you are rooted you will have two applications(root explorer ad superuser)

Some custom roms aren;t rooted, so recovery will ask you if you want to root. If you want, select yes.

Disclaimer: i am not responsible if you brick you device, it will be your mistake.


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