Instructions for flashing recovery

To flash recovery, download all drivers, in DRIVERS section(you also need drivers for other things).

Your phone’s battery must be 50% or higher.

(for any android version)

Instructions for flashing recovery.

1. Download and extract this.

2. Boot your phone into download mode(Power off your phone, then hold vol+ and vol- then power on phone. Only red led is indication).

3. Connect phone with pc via usb.

4.In your extracted folder, open MALshenzu-V788D-DFU-tools.exe

5. In your extracted folder, you have this folder.


6. Open that folder. There are two important img files(cwmv6, and stock) These are recoveries. Rename recovery you want to flash to recovery.img(ex. cwmv6.img to recovery.img).

Recovery6 Recovery6.1

7.  Go back to aplication and select that folder, and select RECOVERY.

Recovery7 Recovery7.1 Recovery7.2

8. This is indication that your phone is recognized.


9. When you are ready, select the button which contains ????(not ??/??).


10. You are done, you flashed recovery. You can also flash you stock recovery(rename stock.img to recovery.img and repeat the procces)

11. To boot your phone to recovery: Power off your phone. Hold volume +(or -) and power on your phone.

12. To navigate recovery, use vol + and vol – and for select, use power key.

Disclaimer: i am not responsible if you brick you device, it will be your mistake.



      1. YOu don;t need to flash with terminal, just use the same way as flashing others recoveries. And, why do you need stock recovery? CWM v6 is the best.

  1. I know CWMv6 is best, but i tried lots of ROMs but no ROM si stable. For example:
    NOVA ROM (mobile networks are crashing, i can not choose between gsm/wcdma, i can not turn on/off roaming, etc..)
    GingermotionROM: Games are running very laggly
    Lewa ISC: Lots of bloatware, low RAM, flickering screen.

    Stock rom is running best. I want to have factory phone (stock rom,stock recovery).
    Do you know any stable ROM for this phone?
    I want to have got fully functional phone, i am bored with finding best ROM and flashing, flashing, flashing ROMs. After installing new ROM i must test it and install my aplications.
    Sorry for my bad english, iam czech 😀

      1. i think it’s a varian of v790. it has the same cpu/gpu. but with bigger ROM and RAM and single SIM. anyways, i have managed to install CWM but i got “error mounting /data” problem now…

    1. Okay, I have this phone and it took Me AEGIS, but I worked it out.

      If you want to root you need to use this program called Cydia Impactor

      Very simple to use, must have usb debuging enabled, plug in to the computer and then download & extract the program, double click on cydiaimpactor and run it. will take a few seconds but will be done soon.

      THEN you have to get terminal emulator app.
      When open (if u see no keyboard go into menu and enable it)

      Type in:

      flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img

      Or whatever you named your recovery.

      Then type in:
      reboot recovery

      You now have recovery installed and ready to use.

      1. Something was broken 😀 I made complete wipe, becouse apps was crashing, phone rebooting and internal memory was full (i’am using Link2SD, but something was eating my internal memory).

  2. Hi, I’ve tried some ROMs with CWM and last one didn’t work and now I can only see a blank screen. I can not enter recovery nor any other mode. Perhaps I crashed the kernel or something. How could I fix it? Thanks a lot, this is a very useful web!

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