[ROM][PORT][KK][06.07]Cyanogenmod 11 4.4.3


Hello everyone 😀 Now I am sharing a new cyanogenmod 11 4.4.3 ported from ZTE Blade 3

You probably know who made kernel and rom and know that I only ported and modified rom to work on our device.

This rom has some improvements as it is 4.4.3.

What bugs are fixed?

-Playstore bug

-Rotating screen bug

-crashing some apps ang games(this was due to now playstore services on previous rom :D)

-camera bug( I’ll explain this in the post)

-swap(As I said use only swap partition, I will try to fix swap with ramexpander later)

And also the bug with wifi is fixed i think(after turning of wifi, you don’t have to reboot device.)

So what is not fixed?

-3g internet

-on some devices sim card( I don’t know why sim card is not working on some device, for mine the sim is working perfect)

-and on some devices touch(this is due to kernel, the developer must add all the drivers for touch to work touch on some devices)

Now lets start with explanations.

Easy fixable bug(about wifi)

Somethimes when you want to connect to network, it says only saved and it is not connecting. This happens when you randomly reboot device

To fix this:

1. Reboot to recovey

2. Wipe dalvik cache

3. Reboot to system(normal reboot)

4. Now browse the internet on wifi 😀



The little camera bug is due to camera application(I think) Here is why I think that:

1. The own camera app looks like this:


2.And the another camera app(retrica) looks normal


So you can install another camera app with playstore 😀


The gaming is good with swap partition. Here is the proof


Screenshots of rom

Screenshot_2014-06-17-23-37-40Screenshot_2014-06-17-23-37-55 Screenshot_2014-06-17-23-38-26




[FIXES][TIPS][KK]Cyanogenmod 11 useful post and fixes

Hello. I had used cyanogenmod 11 for a while and saw these bugs:

-camera bug

-swap bug

-3g internet bug

-screen rotating bug


-some games are crashing

-screen flicker

-On some devices sim card

-and on some devices touch


What I am sure that I can fix:



-screen roating

-touch on some devices

What i will try to fix later:

-screen flicker

-3g internet

What I realy want to fix

-crashing some games.

Ok here are tips

For swap: Make swap partiton with cwm or pc(link)

Install: Swapper2(link) and Ramexpander(link)

What are used for:

Swapper2- for making swap on swap partiton

Ramexpander- TO SEE IF SWAP IS WORKING(do not use ramexpander for making swap, just use for monitoring as I said).


For touch: Flash this(link). If not working again then set permission to 644.(this is for all roms that touch doesn’t work, you can test it)

EDIT:This fix for playstore doesn’t work on cm11, maybe it will work on ics. For playstore: Flash this(link).(note: this is for all roms that doesn’t have play store)



Next maybe again sme fixes for cm11.






[FIX][KK]Cyanogenmod 11 sd card fix

Hello everyone, I fixed sd card for cyanogenmod 11 😀

What you have to do?

Install cyanogenmod 11 from previous post(link to post)

Boot your device

Complete setup wizard

Reboot to recovery

Flash this(link) This is the kernel with modified ramdisk for sd card to work.

You are done. Here are the screenshot

One proof that is fixed is that I can take screenshots

Another is the third and fourth screenshots.




What is the next little bug? The camera works, but has problem with the picture. See when you install cm11. 😀 It is only a little bug, not to fear.

[MOD][FIX][ICS]Screen flicker

UPDATE: If it is not working try like this:


Hello guys I’m here again. One guy from Vietnam fixed the screen flickering. I don’t know his name so i’m not going to credit him. When he shows, I will credit him 🙂

So you need to flash this(link)

DO not wipe anything.

The zip file contains the apk of setcpu, and the thata of the app.

After installation of his, open your set cpu app and make the settings like this:



Have a nice day 😀

Next coming soon is rammode for ics roms 😀



Please read this carefully

Hello everyone. I found a rom ics somewhere on the internet for our processor(msm7627a) and it is A LOT OF BUGS, but I NOTICED

something. THE SCREEN IS NOT FLICKERING. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, can someone find which files are needed to be replaced on our ics roms like lewa or v880e+cm to fix screen flicker? Please if you can find which files are needed, if you find I will give you an admin to my blog, so you can post, edit comments, and much more on my blog:D SO please help fix screen flicker.

This is the link for donwload the rom. FLash the rom. After that flash the kernel. DOn’t tell me the bugs because it is a lot of bugs, but notice that the screen is not flickering.

Download rom(link)

Download kernel(link)

[ROM][PORT][KK]Cyanogenmod 11

Hello everyone 😀

Today I want to present you a cyanogenmod 11 for ZTE v790 

It is 4.4.2 kitkat version 😀 And it is working well if we compare our device with others.

So on cyanogenmod 10.1(4.2.2) the only error was wifi not working

SO there wifi IS working, but…. the sd card is not mounting 😦 And for that when you try the camera app it crashes. IT is not because camera error, it is because of sd card not mounting. If you have an solution for sd card mounting fix., PLEASE tell me.

The screen flickering is still there 😦

This rom is ported because the orginal 4.4.2 cm11 for our phone or(for 512 mb ram) was too big for our system partition, but this rom is enough.

Free ram is about 30-40mb. FOr 4.4.2 , I didn’t expected this, because on android 4.3 the free ram was 0-10mb. That’s why I’m happy with the free ram on KK(kitkat)(if you want, i will send you and 4.3 version too)

Thanks to: 

KonstaT for building the rom

Manfromnn for building the kernel

and me, for making the rom and kernel useful on our 256mb ram phone.

You know what to do for sim fix, the same as lewa os.

On firstboot maybe the setup wizard will crash if you fast click next next next, but don’t worry the next time will be good.

Screenshot(because sd card not mounted, I took a pictures with another phone, don’t ask me which phone :D)


PLEASE install this with cwmv6


[MOD][KERNEL][UPDATE][SWAP][WIFI]Kernel for Nexus build 3

Some of users installed the new kernel for swap support, and also busybox. All of them noticed that wifi doesn’t work. The problem is due to wifi drivers. Each kernel need different drivers for wifi to work properly. Now I’m sharing the same kernel, but including the drivers in the zip files.

You need only to flash this, do not wipe anything.