This is a blog about zte v790 256mb ram phones which contains ROMS, Recovery, root, unbrick and more. From now, zte v790 256mb ram supports android 4.0.4 ics. Roms listed in this blog aren’t mine, but I’ve managed these to work on this phone.  These roms are orginaly for zte v790 512mb ram. However, our phone(v790 256mb ram) can run android 4, so see my blog for updates.



ZTE-Kis-Lite zte-v790 zte-kis


Contact me:

email: kompjuterskatehnologija@gmail.com

skype: alekcacko




  1. sir can you help me please im from philippines my zte v790 is hard brick i hink because when i power on the phone only the light in the upper top only works there is no display in the screen the last thing i do is i have flashed the stock rom on the zte website please help me on how to unbrick these more power thank you and godbless to you 🙂

  2. sir can you post my problem in 4pda? please i need it :c the last thing ive done is ive install a 2.3.6 rom and then i flash the official 4.0 in the zte website but it says in cwm that asser failed so ive done this i remove the line i do this tutorial

    then my phone hangs and wont boot only the red light works
    can you post my problem in 4pda?

  3. thanks bro, like what u’ve said its just a memory issue hehe. Bro had u already created a swap size in partitioning mem card in v790 to increase ram? is there any lag issues coz i wanna try that?. I’m using 16gb class 10 mem card 30mbps read and 10mbps write speed.

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