[ROM][PORT][KK][06.07]Cyanogenmod 11 4.4.3


Hello everyone 😀 Now I am sharing a new cyanogenmod 11 4.4.3 ported from ZTE Blade 3

You probably know who made kernel and rom and know that I only ported and modified rom to work on our device.

This rom has some improvements as it is 4.4.3.

What bugs are fixed?

-Playstore bug

-Rotating screen bug

-crashing some apps ang games(this was due to now playstore services on previous rom :D)

-camera bug( I’ll explain this in the post)

-swap(As I said use only swap partition, I will try to fix swap with ramexpander later)

And also the bug with wifi is fixed i think(after turning of wifi, you don’t have to reboot device.)

So what is not fixed?

-3g internet

-on some devices sim card( I don’t know why sim card is not working on some device, for mine the sim is working perfect)

-and on some devices touch(this is due to kernel, the developer must add all the drivers for touch to work touch on some devices)

Now lets start with explanations.

Easy fixable bug(about wifi)

Somethimes when you want to connect to network, it says only saved and it is not connecting. This happens when you randomly reboot device

To fix this:

1. Reboot to recovey

2. Wipe dalvik cache

3. Reboot to system(normal reboot)

4. Now browse the internet on wifi 😀



The little camera bug is due to camera application(I think) Here is why I think that:

1. The own camera app looks like this:


2.And the another camera app(retrica) looks normal


So you can install another camera app with playstore 😀


The gaming is good with swap partition. Here is the proof


Screenshots of rom

Screenshot_2014-06-17-23-37-40Screenshot_2014-06-17-23-37-55 Screenshot_2014-06-17-23-38-26





    1. Hey, just do these steps:
      1. Download root explorer
      2. Locate system/etc/wifi/
      3. Locate file named wifi_supplicant
      4. Copy the file to root of SD card
      5. Repeat steps 2 and 3
      6. Delete the file from system/etc/wifi/ folder NOT FROM THE SDCARD
      7. Reboot phone
      8. You’re done


      1. hey this is when the error is. Default, the wifi is working, but SOMETIMES THIS HAPPEN. NOT AT FIRST BOOT.

  1. I have a question. That camera bug fix doesn’t work for like over 20 camera apps, so do i have to use retrica or some other Camera? (I would use Google camera, but it just uses to much free space on phone)

  2. Please, please, do you know just temporary fix for wifi problem? I am going on vacation tomorow, and i want to chill out with this awesome rom… I tried deleting files in data folder, but that did not help 😦

      1. Try to port aurora borealis rom to our phone, i have find somewere information that this aurora borealis rom (ics) can run on some devices like our 256mb ram, 3.5inc diyplay… just someone have to make it working with zte kis lite….

  3. I GOT IT!! I think I know why swap doesn’t work! You know those Read Write; “Restrictions”? Well I think there’s the problem problem. If anyone can bypass those Restrictions then he’ll be able to use swapping support!

    1. yup, I am thinking of it. But look, the swap file CAN BE created, so there is swap file in sd card, so the write permission is ok, and how about read? It cannot swap on, and also, you CAN swap on internal storage(data, cache, system :D)

    1. ке ги отпакувас апликациите frameworkres.apk, може таму ај има. trebuvhet vo /system/priv-app И ќе ги бараш во drawable. СО winrar mozes da otpakuvas.

  4. So i have been researching a little, and i can only tell that android 4.4.2/3 has WRITE restriction. But on cm11 that is bypassed. So swapping is due to kernel, and i don’t know how to modify kernel, but you said for that B07 that it needs to replace boot.img from another rom. So i thought if we can find another 4.4.3 with kernel with swap, maybe we can port boot.Img from that kernel! 😀

  5. did anyone tried this for 3G:

    Signal (3G) tweaks
    12. Net speed tweaks

  6. I’m sorry for so many comments, but guess what: RAMEXPANDER doesn’t work. You need licenced version to use it on android 4.2.1 and up. So i tried some thingy called SwapItOn and somehow magically worked! Now i have 1244 MB swap ram! 😀

    1. hmm give me link to it. Also i tried other swap appliacations. such as swapper2(with swapper2 I make swap on partition, for first partiton doesn’t work)
      and easy swap or something. I don’t think it is due to aplications. Anyway, give me a link

      1. Wait… So you fixed swap? Thats great, because only things left is wifi and 3g(probably the hardest things to fix, i suppose). Am I right?

      2. hmm I use 4.4.3, but I will give you another version of that rom so it automaticaly contains swapper2 and ramexpander. On that rom I have no problems. I will post it.

    1. And also can you port INT2EXTv2+ for our phones. I found for our phones but on 4.4.3 crashes wifi, on 4.0.4 slows phone down to max (says RAM = -1 ), and on 2.3.6 Force closes all apps exepct launcher! And also for those who don’t know what is int2ext I’ll explain: This uses partition on sd card (max 1gb) for internal storage and also when you enter settings/apps/downloaded instead for 152 mb it says (if max 1gb) 1.15 gb! 😀

      1. hmm for me it is working 😀 you can test cm9, i don’t support anything for now, because i am using cm11, and it is good. I was trying, and still trying to fix wifi, but is is hard.

  7. Yeah i just realised that wifi isnt working, but why all those chinese things on ROM, and durning flashing it doesnt wipe data, so if you install it without wiping it will leave all apps installed like never flashed a new ROM! And about the INT2EXTv2+ im just asking to port it if you can bcz its soposed to be faster than link2sd and doesnt take space on internal storage. And did you heard about CronMod? well its made for that ROM cuz thats like his offical ROM that includes INT2EXT+ not v2+. 😀

  8. reshen problemot so 3g na zte kis lite na vip.Lekot e mnogu ednostaven samo treba da se popolni listata na APN-acccess point names za mobilniot operator kako na primer za vip treba neli vipoperator so password vipoperator itn .za sekoj operator moze da vidite na nivnata strana.So site cm11 e taka da znaete .

  9. Camera still does not work for me using this latest ROM. It might be because I am flashing this on ZTE Open, but the Camera app works on both “Xperiav2 by Talent” GB ROM and “Lewa v8403 fix02 by Young Kay Mix(thanks man)” ICS ROM. Maybe it is a driver issue?

    1. yes it is:d On what phone you said? On ate open? Wel how do you work the roms? Are good on that phone? As i know it has only one key. Tell me more about the phone and experience. Also for fixing camera try changing liboemcamera.so from lib folder from your working rom to this 😀

      1. It is a ZTE Open. The roms work very well. Thank you for building these roms. ZTE Open only has one sim. After switching the libcm.so, the sim works on the CM roms. After changing the camera driver like you said, the camera now works too!

    2. Bro I hope you can help me, I’ve been trying to install CyanogenMod in my ZTE Open, and as far as I’ve seen you are the only one who has been able to make it work, or at least some other rom different from FFOS. My questions refer to which recovery are you using, which version, or what have you done to make it work inside the ZTE Open, I really appreciate any help you could give me :3

      PD: I have CWM, I’ve tryied to install “Xperiav2 by Talent”, “Lewa v8403 fix02 by Young Kay Mix(thanks man)” and “[ROM][PORT][KK][06.07]Cyanogenmod 11 4.4.3” but non of them works 😦 could you help me a little?

      1. How that none of them works? Do they boot up or? Someone here said that cm11 works perfectly on zte open after few fixes I told him. Tell me more, 😀 Also i use the same recovery asyours, it is the best man 😀

    1. no, you have to undesrtand how android works(how are structured) android files. You have to learn something more about android, not just to follow tutorials. You have to UNDERSTAND something, not just follow tutorials 😀

      1. i learned myself from everywhere, I realized what are proprietary files of android. I didn’t say, i will learn it now how to modify. I needed it to learn, if I wasn’t enough optimist, we would never get android ics and more. I made the sim card fix for the ics(that was the real problem before making this blog) So, i learned this because i needed, I wanted ics on this phone, and I got it. 😀

  10. Hey! 🙂 i found out that those flickering is bcs of the lighting problem! When i set the lighting to max it doesn’t flicker for about 15 minutes! And to fix flickering on cm11 is that just unlock dev options and go to performance and set for CPU maximum 1008mhz min 320mhz / interactive and snoop (same as on the ICS Roms 😀

      1. LoL I found universal fix for a LOT of stuf for any version of cm10.x and it doesn’t want to boot :). Also… do you have the stock browser.apk from first lewaos rom? 🙂

  11. Hey man can you help me? I was trying to flash TWRP on my phone and it failed, and returned me to CWM v6. now i tried to flash LeWa OS, and it did flashed the OS but the WIFI only scans for network (it wont connect).BUT on CM11 and stock ROM i can connect to WIFI and do anything! Any help? 🙂

    1. Hmm, my friend also told me that the wifi is not working on lewa os. YOu can use other ics roms i f you want. Or the second. And also, can you upload
      Lewa v8403 fix02 by Young Kay Mix(thanks man) if you have? Because the link is down.

      1. Look i will tell you on what ROM WIFI works (ICS) :

        LeWa: NO (all LeWa)
        V880e+cm: YES
        AOKP: NO
        Nexus Modified :NO

        Then (GB)

        All GingerBread ROMS: YES

        Then 4.2.x

        CM 10.1 : Frequently (but buggy A LOT (wifi speed gets from 10mbps to 50 kbps)

        Then 4.4.x

        CM 11 4.4.3: YES
        CM 11 4.4.2: YES

        and no i did had zip of Lewa v8403 fix02 by Young Kay Mix(thanks man), but i just formated SD card 😦

        And also CM 12 is out 🙂 Do you think you can port it? if NO that ok 🙂 if YES THATS GR8 😀

      1. hello friend need your help and install your rom cyanogenmod 4.4.3 and it works great the problem that I have is that I do not work my 3g and mobile data and place the apn Carrier I have movistar zte v790 motion and has 256 ram .. . And when you placed in the new forum version? thx

    1. And one explanation. If device has 256 ram, it doesn’t mean 256 mb ram, some of that memory goes for processor, some for graphic, some for the kernel, so v790 with 256 ram has 181 ACTUAL ram. And if device has 512mb ram, then that device ACTUALLY has 495 or any number belo 512. That is for all RAMS on phones,

  12. Oh yeah! For those who forgot pattren lock DONT DO WIPE DATA! i found a solutio (maybe some of you know this)

    1. Plug your phone to PC
    2. Reboot the phone to Recovery (dont unplug)
    3. Go to mounts and storage
    4. Mount everything, dont format
    5. go to main menu of the recovery
    6. leave the phone in the recovery
    7. Go to PC and run cmd.exe as administrator
    8. in cmd line type the following:

    adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

    9.Wait 10 seconds
    10. Boot phone to the ROM
    11. Now, there will be a pattren, but just draw something random to unlock it
    12. go to Settings/Security/Screen lock/slide
    (optional)13. got to Settings/Security/Screen lock/PIN
    (optional)14. type a PIN
    15. Enjoy not losing your data 😀 😀 😀

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