[FIXES][TIPS][KK]Cyanogenmod 11 useful post and fixes

Hello. I had used cyanogenmod 11 for a while and saw these bugs:

-camera bug

-swap bug

-3g internet bug

-screen rotating bug


-some games are crashing

-screen flicker

-On some devices sim card

-and on some devices touch


What I am sure that I can fix:



-screen roating

-touch on some devices

What i will try to fix later:

-screen flicker

-3g internet

What I realy want to fix

-crashing some games.

Ok here are tips

For swap: Make swap partiton with cwm or pc(link)

Install: Swapper2(link) and Ramexpander(link)

What are used for:

Swapper2- for making swap on swap partiton

Ramexpander- TO SEE IF SWAP IS WORKING(do not use ramexpander for making swap, just use for monitoring as I said).


For touch: Flash this(link). If not working again then set permission to 644.(this is for all roms that touch doesn’t work, you can test it)

EDIT:This fix for playstore doesn’t work on cm11, maybe it will work on ics. For playstore: Flash this(link).(note: this is for all roms that doesn’t have play store)



Next maybe again sme fixes for cm11.








  1. Hey, playstore file include clock or no? I need alarm to get up 😀 By the way, ROM is really great, fast, no many bugs, good works. But still iam using GB roms, i am waiting for stable KK. Good luck 🙂

  2. The google play store wont work for me it opens it but it wont connect to the internet! What sould i do, i tried everything even turning off the phone, wiping data, cache, converting to system app… Every thing!

    1. hmm man, i didn’t tested cm11 playstore,and for now, i can’t fix it, SO, I MUST fix playstore, and, expect a fix fro me, because, I am gona need playstore too 😀

      1. aha… ok videcu da li ce da raboti to na jelly bean… bas mi je zao sto ne radis sa JB-om, po meni bolji je od ostalih… Ima li sanse da ce se neko pozabaviti sa jelly bean-om?

      1. Oh. Yeah almost forgot to tell. The wifi isn’t working after reboot, but I can turn it on after 2 or 3 reboots but I’m afraid the phone is going to… how to say… PUFF!

    1. Vaka drugar sto ke ti kazam. Nikoj od nikoj ne kopira. Tie likovi od linkot rabotaat na telefon od 512 mb RAM. Nasiot e 265mb ram.
      Toa znaci jas gi modificiram androidite da rabotaa na nasiot zasto po pravilo, za nasiot telefon NE postoi ics nitit drug rom, tuku samo mizeren 2.3.6. No bidejki toj ima ist hardverer i ist codename(roamer2) so nasiot mozeme da koristime raboti od toj telefon, no treba ubavo modificiranje od toj sto znae. KAko i dae, ako uste ne ti e jasno, procitaj go ova

  3. Aha, razumem, znam da postoji v790 dual sim 512mb ram. Kazem jako mi je zao sto necete da se pozabavite sa jelly bean-om… Ja verujem da bi se dosta korisnika odusevilo kada bi se pojavio ispravan jelly bean za nas telefon, mislim barem da prepozna sim karticu i da nema screen flickering, posto mislim da se razumete vise od mene, zato vas i pitam sve sto me zanima, a i razmisljam nesto, ako ste uspeli da odradite sve ovo do sada mislim da vam nebi bio veliki problem da na jelly bean osposobite sim i screen flickering.. za wifi ako nemoze.. boze moj….

    1. I was reading something about init.d scripts and it says that those scripts are something like a support for swapping ram. And what is that thing for swapping internal storage with external?

      1. And also the internal storage has only 512 mb space (152 mb to user), soo the thingy with swapping internal and external memory is not bad at all! (But I think its too risky :-\ )

  4. I think its beater to wait until someone get some serious solution for all bugs, but some solution withouth insaling some apps like nofrills and others, it will be beater to make some serious changes in kernel if there is a problem.

    1. nope. There is not problem with kernel(and I am not programer, so I can only edit, ramdisk i nkernel, not the kernel. And why to wait? I am using right now cm11 even with these bugs, because the cm11 i sthe best. COming soon more fixes. And It will lika nofrills and other. OK?

      1. i said that i will post it man 😀 I know that there are people who want to experiment with their phone 😀

  5. Thanks kompjuterskatehnologija. I tried with Nexus Rom and the touch fix of this and works. Now I tried with other roms (Ics, CM10, CM11) and this not worked. For this works I have to do what? I have to try do it with sequence (Gingerbread -> ICS -> CM10 and CM11)? And, I have to try with everyone fixes? Thanks and sorry for my bad English

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