[ROM][PORT][KK]Cyanogenmod 11

Hello everyone 😀

Today I want to present you a cyanogenmod 11 for ZTE v790 

It is 4.4.2 kitkat version 😀 And it is working well if we compare our device with others.

So on cyanogenmod 10.1(4.2.2) the only error was wifi not working

SO there wifi IS working, but…. the sd card is not mounting 😦 And for that when you try the camera app it crashes. IT is not because camera error, it is because of sd card not mounting. If you have an solution for sd card mounting fix., PLEASE tell me.

The screen flickering is still there 😦

This rom is ported because the orginal 4.4.2 cm11 for our phone or(for 512 mb ram) was too big for our system partition, but this rom is enough.

Free ram is about 30-40mb. FOr 4.4.2 , I didn’t expected this, because on android 4.3 the free ram was 0-10mb. That’s why I’m happy with the free ram on KK(kitkat)(if you want, i will send you and 4.3 version too)

Thanks to: 

KonstaT for building the rom

Manfromnn for building the kernel

and me, for making the rom and kernel useful on our 256mb ram phone.

You know what to do for sim fix, the same as lewa os.

On firstboot maybe the setup wizard will crash if you fast click next next next, but don’t worry the next time will be good.

Screenshot(because sd card not mounted, I took a pictures with another phone, don’t ask me which phone :D)


PLEASE install this with cwmv6




    1. that is because i uploaded version where is builld prop changed, and i installed the version where build prop wasn’t changed. Anywhay, when i took these pictures, the zip file wasn’t uploaded. 🙂

      1. you said that there’s a 4.3 version of cm11 ? if there is does on that rom works sd card, and if it does why don’t you give the link.

      2. i didn’t said that. Where I said that? cm11 is 4.4 not 4.3
        4.3 is cm10.2 and also on that rom the sd card is not working.

      3. I think the problem is in this:
        android 2.3 mount: /mnt/sdcard/

        android 4.4 mount: /storage/sdcard0/
        and: /storage/sdcard1/

      4. but in cm10.1 is the same, and it mounts sd card. Try cm10.1 and see(in download section you have 10.1 try it.

      5. nope iw won’t work
        but flash 10.1 and you will see that is it is the same i think. Flash if you can, and i am sure you can.

      6. then what is it? Ohm an, this is the best rom cm11, THE BEST but the sd card is not working. I will start crying.

    1. Вака, дали може recovery-то што е ставен на блогов да го инсталираш? АКо можеш, тогаш би требало на некој начин и ромот да работи. Има даунлоад линк за симнување на постот ама еве ке ти дадам 😀

      1. (update) пробав да го ставам твојов recovery, нејќе. екранот се замрзнува на андроид логово и иде накај бело. истото и се случува кога го флешунвам ромот со стариов recovery.
        ништо, си останувам на 2.3.6, ќе се досадувам на него уште некое време дур не зеам нов.

      2. Хмм тоа е тоа. Инаку на мајка ми и го дадов телефонот мој зе кис лите и го користи баш 2.3.6 од твојот телефон(пошто на македонски) ама портнат е 😀

      3. ќе играм уште со овој, да научам да правам и портнувам ромови и ќе се занимавам дур не зеам нов. А може да видам и шо е со Firefox, пошто има официјален ром од зте.

      4. Ако флешнуваш фајрфокс, не флешнувај официјални оти тие може да содржат и рикавери и булоадери во него, првин ќе треба да ги тргниш па да флешниш, или ако сакаш провери тука има фајрокс ос кој можеш да го флешниш(сепак внимавај си 🙂 )

      5. Не, сеа не, фирефох ќе стаам кога ќе зеам нов телефон, андроид не менувам сеа за ништо 🙂

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