[FIX][TOUCH]Official touch fix for rom v880e+cm, lewa and other android 4.0.4 roms

For v880e+cm and other android 4.0.4 roms

This is official touch fix by me. I have to credit one man for founding that this kernel fixes touch.

The zip file also cotains the files for wifi to work.

Download(link)(you can also use this for other android 4.0.4 roms)

For lewa os:

This kernel also fix touch for lewa os , but this is ONLY FOR lewa os, so , the first kernel won’t work on lewa os, and this kernel that fix lewa os touch won’t work on other roms.

Download(link)(only for any lewa os)

ATTENTION: Only home button  will work. For back button add at the end of build prop qemu.hw.mainkeys=0(zero)

and for menu key install app floating touch(link)

Also you cannot make swap file. Sorry for that, but this is the only kernel that fixes touch. Maybe I will give you a new.


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