How to change radio-modem or(baseband) on phone!

What is radio-modem(baseband)?

The baseband is the subsystem of the phone that controls radio communications. It’s a chipset on the phone that directly controls cellular hardware and communications with cell towers.

By that, the file called amss.mbn is the baseband or modem and can be found in stock roms. I have single sim card v790 phone, so to use roms that need dualsim phones, i have to change my radio. It is necessary for some roms that I will post, And I will give a sign if you have to change or not.

Why to change?

Now I have modem from viethamese phone, and my phone pretends that it has two sims and only one sim is active. But that is only pretending, my phone doesn’t have 2 sim slots, but to use dual sim roms, I must have that radio, and also, if you don’t have to use second card on your dualsim phone, you can change to modem who has only one sim. By that, your second sim card will not be accessible until you change it back.

So, I will tell you how to change the radio.


V. Before you do this, you must find your stock amss.mbn and after that you can experiment.


I. What you need:

dfu tool

drivers for download mode(if you have, don’t install them)

zte v790(I can;t upload it 😛 :D)

II. Steps

1. Put your phone into download mode by pressing volume buttons together and power menu. Only red led will apear,

and connect it to you pc or laptop via usb

2. This is what is like when dfu tool recognizes your phone:


3. Select your folder where is amss.mbn

4. Select amss


5. When you are ready, press ????



To flash another amss.mbn just find another file like that and replace with the current one.

The current one is for dual sim phones And now on my single sim phone I use that.

AMSS.MBN FOR ONE SIM CARD (link)(you can flash this on your dualsim phone too)


I have to credit jagi-gostivar from  for founding this.  And thanks to him.

Disclaimer: i am not responsible if you brick you device, it will be your mistake.



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