For v8403 phones with dualsim



This method is working and tested a forum user from Vietnam with nick kcalbdevil

Here is the screenshot that is working:(this rom is lewa rom from previous post)



Have a nice day 🙂



If it doesn’t work, make this.

In your downloaded android 4 lewa os in build prop at the end add this line>


then reflash it. If again not work, then keep that line and replace in system/libs from your 2.3.6 rom to lewa os.

I think  it will work for your sim card to be recognized.

If no, then I need v8403 dual sim phone to fix that.

But I know, I can fix sum on that phone. Good luck 🙂

Hello everyone. If you have issues with sim card on v8403 with two sim, then replace from 2.3 rom to android 4 rom.

Tell mi if it works. 🙂




  1. hey guy… i tested CM11 rom ít is 4.4.1 kitkat for my V8403 but sdcard not work ..and sim not enognized althought i did replea libcm.os from android 2.3 and add persist.dsds.enabled=true but cant work…. cm11 actually nice rom… i very like it… you can help me… thank guy so so much

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